Thomas J Boyle Jr

Born in Chicago Illinois in 1949, Tom Boyle was killed while working as an LEP – Law Enforcement Professional training Afghani police at a remote FOB called Provincial Reserve outside Kandahar Afghanistan on June 19, 2012.  This was but one of the many peacekeeping missions which took Tom to other remote locations such as Kosovo and Iraq as well as Afghanistan.  This final mission exemplified a lifetime of service to his country.  Tom Boyle was a decorated US Marine and two tour veteran of Vietnam who earned the Cross of Gallantry while in the military.  Soon after his return to the states Tom then began his 30 year career with the Chicago Police Department which resulted in numerous commendations including the capture and conviction of brother Tyrone and Larry Strickland who were later convicted of murdering Wheeling Police Officer Kenneth Dawson.  After his retirement from the Chicago Police Department Tom worked for a private detective agency and then as a security consultant overseas.  During his most recent deployment in Kandahar, Tom was an immediate ‘rock star’ to the Afghans.  They considered him a police elder and nicknamed him ‘Baba’ which means grandfather in Pashto.  Tom was given great respect for his years of service and the Afghani Police listened intently as he mentored them in improving their own operations.  Tom was a true patriot who felt even more deeply about global affairs after 911.  This led Tom to sign up for the various peacekeeping missions around the world.  His love for all children and the realization of their value and impact upon our future began in Vietnam and ended in Afghanistan.

Tom’s family continues to honor his life and legacy.

Tom Vietnam














Commander’s Civilian Award



Defense Medal of Freedom