Our Mission

The mission of The Thomas J. Boyle Memorial Foundation is to provide support and services to the military contracting community, active military members and veterans, First Responders, Gold Star families as well as children in need.

About Tom Boyle


Born in Chicago Illinois, soon after graduating high school Tom volunteered to become a United States Marine.  After serving two tours of duty in Vietnam and receiving numerous awards to include the Cross of Gallantry, Tom then began a 31 year career with the Chicago Police Department.  His tenure with the police department also resulted in numerous commendations including the capture of brothers Larry and Tyrone Strickland, who were later convicted of murdering Wheeling police officer Kenneth Dawson.  


After 911,  Tom wanted to serve his country once again and began another career taking on security consulting and law enforcement missions overseas.  These missions took Tom to remote locations around the world including Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 


On June 19, 2012, the remote FOB (forward operating base) called Provincial Reserve near Kandahar Afghanistan was attacked by insurgents. It was during this attack that Thomas Boyle was mortally wounded.   

The Origins of the Boyle Foundation

During the many deployments it was not unusual for Tom to request that his wife mail toys and clothing to him to distribute to the children in these war torn nations.  It was Tom's belief that the real victims in any war were the children.  

On June 19th, his widow, upon returning home from mailing another package of toys was met by three men who informed her of her husband's death.   A few days later she remembered mailing the package and informed the military so that it could be located.  The package was lost for over 3 months before it was found.  When informed of this, his widow asked the Lt Colonel if it was still possible to honor Tom's last request.  

In true military fashion to honor a fallen brother the task was accomplished on October 23, 2012.

In an email from Lt Colonel McKinley;

At long last we were able to deliver the gifts you had sent to Tom for a little girl named Tamanah.  The timing was good as she is celebrating Eid-al-Adha, the festival of sacrifice.  Appropriate on many levels.  It was a celebration at Provincial Reserve in Tom's honor.  

These events led to the founding of the memorial foundation in which one initiative is the annual toy collection event for children of veterans and military families, first responders, and terminally ill children.

Tom's family continues to honor his life and legacy through charitable acts.   



Memorial Ceremony for Tom Boyle

Kandahar, Afghanistan

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